Twin Lobe Roots Blower Manufacturer in india

JD VACUUM SERVICE has completed a successful journey of two decades. in this voyage, we have earned a reputation as premium quality manufacturers of twin lobe roots blowers and a watering vacuum pump

we have to credit the successful development of systems packaged to deliver customer-specific applications.

What is roots blower (Twin lobe roots blower)?

Blower is a device which consist two or three lobes rotating in air tight casing. The casing has inlet & outlet ports an opposite side. It produce constant air pressure.

Blower Annotation

The rotary – lobe compressor was invented by two brothers, Philander Higley Roots and Frances Marion Roots, who patented their design in 1860.

Roots blower working principle

The roots blower working principle consists of the following: the process starts with air flowing from the inlet port into the element chamber. The timed rotation of the rotors against the wall of the chamber creates a so-called “airflow direction”. At this point, there is still atmospheric pressure in these chambers.

As soon as the first lobe passes the opening to the pressure side, the system pressure is adjusted. This is called isochoric compression. The rotors seal each other off to the inside, twin lobe blower working principle which prevents a change of pressure.

All product

Roots Blowers are industry-leading rotary positive displacement blowers. We produce robust, heavy-duty twin-lobe or tri-lobe designs. Roots blowers are the industry standard for twin lobe rotary positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps.

We are a renowned name engaged in offering Twin Lobe Air Blower. Owing to maintaining the constant flow at various levels of discharge pressures, it is broadly used in various RMC (Cement Unloading) and pneumatic conveying applications.

These are also known as Twin Lobe Roots Blower / Vacuum Pump, used in various systems like Mechanical Vapor Recompression as MVR Blower and plants like Sewage Treatment Plants. These are High volume-low pressure positive displacement (PD Type) Roots Blowers.

Manufacturer of Roots Blower Spare Part – casing, rotor, Gear offered by JD VACUUM SERVICE, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We supply all types of Spares parts for Roots Blowers. Related Query. Roots Blower Spare Parts, Gear Covers, Gear Covers, Casings, End

JD vacuum service is a manufacturer of twin Lobe roots blower and vacuum pump spare parts, and accessories, we are the largest supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Related Query. lobe, rotor gear-pair, oil seal, oil level glass, pressing bush, etc…


  • Discharge pressure pulsation is reduced, so lighter loading of bearings and timing gears ensures the long servicing life.
  • Oil Chamber is separated from main chamber. Hence air is oil free.
  • Bearings on drive and driven sides are lubricated by oil
  • Construction simple and hence easy maintenance.
  • Less back flow. Hence Volumetric Efficiency increased.
  • Stable air flow rate
  • Lower vibration. Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life
  • Three lobes design efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5dB
  • Factory engineered, Factory guaranteed, superior product
  • Alloy steel hardened and ground timing gears, oil splash lubricated
  • Rotary Oil Sealing
  • Easy rotor timing setting
  • Horizontal & Vertical configurations available
  • Air Cooled & Water Cooled design available

Application of Products

  • Water treatment plants: For Backwashing of filter beds or Aeration
  • Effluent treatment plants: For Diffused Aeration and Agitation effluent
  • Chemical plants: For Supplying of process Air and Aeration
  • Cement plants: For Blending, Aeration, Fluidization, and Conveying
  • Pulp Paper plants: Chip Conveying, Process Vacuum
  • Cement plants: For Blending, Aeration, Fluidization, and Conveying
  • Pneumatic conveying: To conveying the material
  • Oil Gas: Gas Collection Sparging
  • Soil Remediation: Vacuum Extraction Sparging
  • Dry Bulk Handling: Trailer Unloading Extraction
  • Glass: Burner Air Mold Cooling
  • Vacuum Loader: For emptying Septic Tanks
  • Aquaculture: Aeration for fish farm and maintaining the dissolved oxygen level
  • Electroplating: Aeration of plating tanks and for oil free air agitation of electrolyte to maintain the uniform density